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Gretchen & Cait are best friends who happen to be mother & daughter.  And they love all things design, fashion & beauty.


Their passion for living with style comes from their mother & grandmother, Dorothy McCann Garber.  Dorothy, the daughter of a clothier, was a true lady.

She wore the collar turned up on her white shirts & she adored a statement belt.  She was always ahead of her time.  Even her wedding dress was lined with a shock of hot pink for some flair.

She loved gold loafers, French berets & her poodle, Gigi.  But above all else, she was a loving mother & grandmother who taught them how to live well.

Ladies McCann was started as a place to honor Dorothy’s legacy through style, interior design & travel.

Both Gretchen & Cait have worked as interior designers.  They love classic films, leopard ballet flats & red lipstick.

They believe that style has no expiration date.  And they are celebrating women of every age.

Join them as they celebrate living with style & substance.

Cait & Gretchen